Vaccination & Chronic Diseases

Vaccination can protect us against more than 20 serious life-threatening infectious diseases, helping people of all ages live longer, healthier lives saving millions of lives every year. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that immunisation currently prevents 2-3 million deaths / year, making it one of the most effective health interventions available.

Vaccination is particularly important for people with chronic diseases and long-term conditions as they are more likely to develop complications of the condition which may involve long-term illness, hospitalization, and even death. Moreover, people with compromised immune systems due to auto-immune conditions, recent organ transplant, cancer treatment, and/or allergies sometimes cannot be vaccinated at all, so they are at a higher risk to the falling rates of vaccination in the population. Getting vaccinated is an important step in staying healthy. Talk to a healthcare professional, discuss your individual situation and health needs, and make sure you get your vaccinations up to date. The VAC-PACT Toolkit aims to support healthcare professionals, chronic disease patients and their supporting communities including families and caregivers across the EU, stimulating attitudinal changes leading to behavioral modifications.

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Funded by the European Union

The Vaccination Confidence - Patients' and Professionals' Awareness, Communication and Trust (VAC-PACT) pilot project is funded by the European Union under SANTE/2019/C3/013-SI2.820639 Service Contract and brings together key stakeholders with a broad range of expertise and backgrounds.