The VAC-PACT Toolkit aims to support healthcare professionals, chronic disease patients and their supporting communities including families and caregivers across the EU by empowering, on one hand, the patients themselves to make the best possible decisions on vaccination and raising, on the other hand, healthcare professionals’ and supporting communities’ awareness on the role they could play in this decision-making.

The project champions constructive dialogue enabling patients to exercise meaningful choice and engage in informed and share decision making. A “tiered” dynamic approach to information is, thus, used to cater to varying health literacy levels:

Our Fact Sheets present key messages for those who are only interested in the basics.

Our Quick Guides provide more detailed information for those who are interested in digging more into the science behind the message.

Our eLearning resource is dedicated to healthcare professionals, expert patients, and patient advocatess.

The material included in this Toolkit is designed to direct key messages on vaccination, vaccination uptake, and shared decision-making process stimulating attitudinal changes leading to behavioural modifications.

We have selected two major chronic disease-areas in which vaccination is particularly relevant: diabetes (type I and II) and respiratory diseases. Special attention is paid to patients who cannot receive vaccination due to a specific health condition or state.

Funded by the European Union

The Vaccination Confidence - Patients' and Professionals' Awareness, Communication and Trust (VAC-PACT) pilot project is funded by the European Union under SANTE/2019/C3/013-SI2.820639 Service Contract and brings together key stakeholders with a broad range of expertise and backgrounds.