The Vaccination Confidence – Patients’ and Professionals’ Awareness, Communication and Trust (VAC-PACT) project received funding by the European Union under the SANTE/2019/C3/013-SI2.820639 Service Contract. It focuses on Pilar 1 of the European Commission’s Communication on strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases (COM (2018) 245 final and specifically addresses the following actions as priorities:

Awareness-raising and combating disinformation online through e-learning and interactive tools.

Improving access to objective and transparent information on vaccines and their safety, based on information needs assessment for patients, families, and carers.

Training of healthcare professionals to have more effective conversations with patients about vaccination and support patients in making informed choices.

VAC-PACT provides patients with chronic diseases, health professionals, and supporting communities with tailored information about the importance of vaccines in their specific contexts. Project structure is divided into 5 work packages: (WP1) Project coordination, (WP2) Review of literature and best practices in view of building confidence in vaccines, with particular focus on patients with chronic diseases, (WP3) Toolkit development, (WP4) Regional workshops, (WP5) Evaluation and recommendations.

Funded by the European Union

The Vaccination Confidence - Patients' and Professionals' Awareness, Communication and Trust (VAC-PACT) pilot project is funded by the European Union under SANTE/2019/C3/013-SI2.820639 Service Contract and brings together key stakeholders with a broad range of expertise and backgrounds.